OneTeluguMedia (News) – Jabardasth is one of the famous comedy show in telugu states. In this jabardasth one comedian called Hyper Aadi who got very popular in this jabardasth show by his nonstop punches in the skit. Now a day’s most of the people are waiting to watch Hyper Aadi skits. firstly he came to the show as a writer and within a less time he became the team leader in jabardasth show by his nonstop punches. And other comedian Rising Raju who also a one of the comedian in jabardasth show and he is doing the skits with Hyper Aadi and these couple making the awesome comedy skits in Jabardasth show.


In past most of the people are interested to watch the chammak Chandra skits but now they are interested to watch Hyper Aadi skits only. And the demand for the Hyper Aadi skits are more thatn the Chammak Chandra skits because Hyper Aadi makes a lot of nonstop punches from starting to ending of his skit. Recently some of the media reveals the news about Hyper Aadi is he was facing the problems from the Jabardasth management. The management of jabardasth show forces Hyper Aadi to do the skits in lady getup but Aadi was not interested to do this type of skits. And he strongly decided that not to do the lady getups in the skits. Check out the video for more information about Hyper Aadi comments and he wants to leave the Jabardasth show, watch this…

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