Soundarya Husband Married Second Time after the death of actor soundarya her husband married another women for the second time, find here the pictures of soudarya’s husband marriage and watch this video….

Soundarya, she is one of the brilliant actor across Indian film industry. She was born to Satyanarayan who is the kannada writer and also industrialist. When she was studying the MBBS she discontinued the MBBS and later she married Mr. G.S. Raghu. Soundarya had very wide popularity in both the two telugu states i.e., in Telanagana and Andhra Pradesh. She is said to be the most succesful actors after the old star heroin ”Savithri”.

Mr. G.S raghu who married an actor Soundarya is a software engineer. He secretly married a girl who she is from Goa without any intimation to the parents of Soundarya. Recently the secret is now revealed that There are enough evidences to prove how raghu is leading a royal life. In Goa when they are spotted in an hotel and the register of that hotel shows them as a Married couple. As per the reports of Bangalore state GK Raghu was married a girl in a closed church. checkout the video for latest pictures of soundarya’s husband and for more information watch this video…

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