OneTeluguMedia (News) – The Best Apps for People Who Need To Know Their Every Details Watch This, here you will find a wonderful application for the people. The app is very useful for people who needs to know their every details by entering their number. watch the video of the latest application for people to get the full details of another people by using their mobile numbers watch this…

Now a days the world has been uses the various technologies. The word technology is a collection of various techniques, methods and the skills. day to day the technology is growing up very much. some 100 of applications are releasing per a day approximately. Most of the  applications are not been used but we use some important applications only in those apps.

Here the video is showing the latest application to know the vehicle details. And this application is very useful for you. The app is used to get the any type of vehicles complete details in Andhra Pradesh state only. The App name is “AP Vehicle Information”. If you want to know the any vehicle details you just enter the vehicle number in this app, Then you will get the all the details of that particular vehicle. The app gives the full information of any type of vehicle in your smart phone. The app gives the details like vehicles Registration number, Registration date, Choice Number, Owner name, engine number, RDO information, Fuel type (Petrol/Diesel) and etc. This is very useful in many situations like accident cases to give the complaints to the people who involves in accidents etc. By using this AP Vehicle Information app we can trace out the details of another vehicles. And for complete information watch this video….

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